Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Margaret? Will she be at the school?

Margaret lives in the school! Every year, we have something different because she's always up to something! Check out her story before you dare to enter!

Is it really haunted? Was it really a school?

Yes and yes. Our crew has experienced paranormal activities from doors closing to hearing voices when no one was in the building. The school was an elementary school in the Connellsville Area. After being discontinued as a school, it was used as the district's headquarters for a number of years.

How long is the wait?

It depends on the night. It can be anywhere from 5-30 minutes. If it's a busy night, the wait may be longer. VIP upgrades are available on site for an additional fee.

Can you take photos inside the haunt?

Absolutely NO photography of any kind will be permitted inside the Crawford School of Terror. A flash going off inside the attraction would not only throw off the mood of the scene, but it could cause issues with our crew and threaten everyone’s safety. Cell phones should be turned off or silenced when entering Crawford School of Terror as well. It is very dangerous to be walking through our scenes while playing on a cell phone because you could easily lose your footing and fall, hurting yourself, the actors, and other patrons, not to mention ruining our sets.

Will the actors touch us?

Crawford School of Terror will be enforcing a strict no-touch rule. We feel that the experience our customers will have at the Crawford School of Terror will be a great one without having any of the actors put their hands or anything else on you. Be advised, however, that it may happen accidentally. Please do your best to avoid touching our actors and they will do the same to you.

How long does it take to walk through?

You experience at Crawford School of Terror depends on a few things: how fast you walk, how many people are in your group, and how scared you are! From the time you leave the basement to the time you are chased out of the haunt at the end, you can expect to be scared anywhere from 20-35 minutes.

Is there an age requirement?

There are no age requirements at Crawford School of Terror. However, some scenes may not be suitable for young children due to the violence and blood used in a particular scene. Use your best judgment, but remember that there are NO REFUNDS!

Can I be thrown out of Crawford School of Terror?

We will not tolerate violence of any kind at Crawford School of Terror. If you are causing a scene, acting violent towards or threatening our actors or other patrons, or if we suspect that you may be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, we will have our security team escort you out of the building without a refund. We reserve the right to refuse anyone.

Where do we buy tickets?

You have two options. You can either pay cash at the door or you can buy them online through this website. However, please know that there is a processing fee when buying tickets online. Group tickets must be received 24 hours in advance and paid in cash at the door.

What's included in my ticket?

All three floors are $25.

What if I get too scared to continue?

There are exits within each scene that allow you to exit safely. Let an actor know and they will show you the way. But, please remember that there are NO Refunds!

Where do we enter the haunt?

The entrance to Crawford School of Terror will be clearly marked at the Main/Center Doors.

Are there areas of complete darkness? Will strobe lights be used? Are there stairs to climb?

Yes, yes, and yes. There will be a few scenes where the lighting will be very low, and even completely dark. We do have a scene with a strobe light as well. Also, the main part of the haunt will be on the 2nd floor, so yes, you will be climbing stairs. The stairs will be well lit and the exits clearly marked.